Making the Boiler Mobile

The fact is, running on coal is obviously impracticable. From the points of view of proper combustion, safety, cost, and ease of operation, the only practicable fuel is gasoil (the proper term for diesel fuel, which is the same thing as light heating oil).

And also the time has arrived to make the entire steam generation unit mobile, so that it can be deployed in a meadow or on a grassy knoll - i.e. in a balloon-friendly environment.

First we acquired a heavy-duty trailer. We were privileged to obtain one from De Graaff Trailers of Chobham - slogan "Proudly Trailing Behind!" And we mounted the firebox on it. Then we welded up a throat structure for mounting the oil burner:

This is how the final setup looks (sans burner):

And this is the complete outfit:

Next you can read here about firing this contraption up on gasoil for the first time....

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