Here is an alphabetical list of links to the pages on this site, with brief descriptions.... It would be very ill bred to laugh at my file names!

019 - German Patent 214,019 to Erdmann
032 - US Patent 3,897,032 to Papst
085 - US Patent 4,032,085 to Papst
524 - European Patent Publication 524,872 to Domen
903 - US Patent 3,456,903 to Papst
952 - French Patent Publication 2,684,952 to Giraud
acknow - Acknowledgements to Helpers
alcock - Alcock's Article in Wingfoot
allbes - Head page for Besler-related documents
ballpatt - Pattern for Ball-Shaped Test Envelopes
besa - Steam Motors for Aircraft - Article
besb - Steam Power for Aircraft - Article
besler1 - Account #1 of Besler's Flight
besler2 - Account #2 of Besler's Flight
besler3 - Account #3 of Besler's Flight
besler4 - Account #4 of Besler's Flight
besler5 - Account #5 of Besler's Flight
besler6 - Account #6 of Besler's Flight
bigbesler - The Big Besler Download
boilers - On Lightweight Boilers
bphysics - Basic Physics Considerations
burnbox - Making the Ground Burner Box
bx2 - Making the Ground Burner/Boiler Unit
cayley - Sir George Cayley's letter
coldinf - Inflation with Cold Air
conpaper - Friedrichshafen Conference Paper
constels - Constructional Elements of our Steam Balloon
dm120 - Design Memo #120 (Steam Power Plant for Airships)
endomen - English Translation of EP Publication 524,872 to Domen
engerm - English Translation of German Patent 214,019 to Erdmann
engiraud - English Translation of French P.P. 2,684,952 to Giraud
envmake - Making the Envelope
experims - Our Experiments - top page
expgoals - Goals of the Experiments
far103 - US FAR-103 regulations
fire - Lighting up the Fire with Coal
firing - Lighting up the Fire with GasOil
firstrun - First run of Experiments
flyboil - Making a Flight Boiler
flymodes - Modes of flying a Steam Balloon
gelvmat - "Gelvenor" fabric material
grndboil - Making a Huge Ground Boiler
heatsens - Sensitivity of Lift to Heat
improjak - Improvements in the Insulation Jacket
index - Main Page, i.e. Home or Top Page
insdesc - Insulation Jacket Description
insphil - Philosophy of Insulation
jbfa - Article in Japanese Buoyant Flight Journal (in English)
links - Links to Other Websites
mid1run - First run of Middle-scale Experiments
midexp - Middle-scale Experiments
miscequp - Making Miscellaneous Equipment
outline - Outline of proposals
philosop - Philosophy of Technological Development
phopes - In Memoriam of Philip Hopes
prepmid - Preparation for the Middle-Scale Experiments
primloft - Primaloft Insulation by Albany International
priorart - On the Prior Art
program - Program for the Future
results - Results of Our Experiments
sairship - The Steam Airship - general
sashlift - Steam as Airship Lift Gas
sashpush - Steam for Propelling a Steam Airship
scouthal - The Boy Scouts' Hall in Feltham
secrun - Second run of Experiments
sitemap - This Site Map
smallexp - Small-Scale Experiments
specprog - Our Specific Program
staneng - Stanley Engine Pictures
steam1inf - First Inflation with Steam!
thirdrun - Third run of Experiments
tn239 - Technical Note #239 (Steam Power Plant for Aircraft)
trailer - Mounting the Steam Generator on a Trailer
young - David Young's note in Aerostat

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