A summary of the results of our experiments to date is as follows.

Weight of water trickling down the inside of a Steam Balloon envelope at any instant . . . . . 85 grams per square meter.

Rate of steam condensation for a naked Steam Balloon envelope . . . . . 1.4 kilograms per square meter per hour.

With a rather crudely made PL1 insulating jacket nominally weighing 133 gm/m2 as described here, rate of steam condensation . . . . . 275 grams per square meter per hour.

And we believe that one can confidently extrapolate that, with a insulating jacket made from the thicker Primaloft PL1 nominally weighing 200 gm/m2, improved as speculatively suggested here and weighing less than 300 gm/m2 in total, the rate of steam condensation could be reduced to . . . . . 200 grams per square meter per hour.

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