The Flying Kettle Project owes acknowledgements to an awful lot of people... We've tried to include as many as possible below... Heartfelt thanks to:


The 4th Feltham Baden-Powell Scouts Group for a great deal of help and for the unstinting use of their facilities, without which much of our construction and experiments to date could not have been performed. Pictures of their base may be seen here.

The Alom Group of Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia for building a proof-of-concept steam balloon from an esoteric metallized fabric;

Riello Burners Ltd. for supply of a gasoil burner which works beautifully, and for much help with converting it from three-phase to ICE power;

De Graaff Trailers for supply of a very high quality heavy duty trailer;

Albany International for donation of samples of their Primaloft PL1 product;

Gelvenor SA of South Africa for supply of their siliconized nylon fabric;

Kew Bridge Steam Museum for encouragement and advice;

Thermal Economics Ltd. for material samples and consultation;

ILP Distribution of Ireland for help with insulating material;

Sansetsu UK Ltd. for samples of their various different products;

Sealed Air Ltd. for supply of bubble-wrap cushioning sheet;


Shizu Bito because she is gamman-tsuyoi, which means "good at putting up with things";

Mr. Brian Boland of Boland Balloons for a great deal of encouragement at the right juncture;

Philip Hopes for unending consultation and concrete help, with best wishes for his future;.

Bill and Erskine for a lot of metallic construction;

Marc de Piolenc for several important prior art documents;

David Edwards for materials know-how, ingenious mechanical tweaking, and voluminous discussion;

Peter Rhodes of Lindstrand Balloons in England for encouragement and supply of used balloon fabric;

Markus Fryder of Cargolifter for a very illuminating translation;

Peter Stokes for much background material and advice;

Terry Price for sewing up the first full-size Steam Balloon;

Professor Gabriel Khouri for giving me the chance to air my views in front of the most select audience imaginable;

Giles Camplin for his kindness in advising a tyro quite new to the field of practical ballooning;

Anthony Smith for words of wisdom from someone who has been there and done that;

David Scott, for the donation of a very heavy and valuable object, nearly a hundred years old;

Chris Pennington, Scott Moore, and Grzegorz Tokarczyk for a great deal of hard labour;

Yoichi Oshima for assistance with the intellectual property aspects;


William the boxer dog for his unceasing vigilance and protection!

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